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Manfrotto Pro Video Tripod


501 Pro Video Head:t320x320_233ab47e375c8556a966c16eb86defa6

Taking its inspiration from our top professional video head models, the 501HDV features a fixed counterbalance spring set for a typical weight of camera and accessories of 2.5kg that helpsĀ ensure both smoother tilt movements and greater equipment safety even when tilt locks are inadvertently left off. The easy-to-reach on/off switch allows the counterbalance system to be disengaged or re-engaged for different filming setups. With its improved design, the 501HDV head offers more ergonomics with locks and knobs that allow a more solid grip and better fingertip control.

501HDV Manual


1f1179b5245730f43805edfdd68ca7b8028BĀ Tripod:

Strong, sturdy and reliable, the Triman tripod is the ideal studio tripod. The geared centre column has a non roll-back feature and has a threaded 3/8” mount on the bottom of the column to allow low angle shots. Twin shank leg design, built-in spirit level and rubber feet with retractable spikes are standard features. The tripod uses a centre column strut design for added stability. Includes a mid level spreader and carrying strap. Ideal for cameras up to medium format.
(Located in Kendall 30)

028B Manual