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Audio Classroom

The Audio classroom  Kendall 47 can accommodate 18 seats for classroom use.  The room includes a 50″ monitor and a surround sound system.  A/V sources include a Bluray player and the instructors 27″ iMac. The system can also display the editing system in the adjacent room #48.

The room can also be used as an audio recording studio.  All chairs must be removed to allow space for performers.  24 Microphone jacks, 6 headphone jacks and power are located on three walls.  Control of the studio is from the adjacent room #48.  A large viewing window connects the two rooms.

Room #48 is set up as an A/V editing suite and also performs as the control room for recording in the adjacent room #47.

Included in room #48 is a PC loaded with Protools audio editing software.  In addition, a Soundcraft analog audio console, 16 channels of preamps for Protools, headphone amps, DAW controller and several speaker choices are included.

Microphones, Stands, Cables and direct boxes are available for check out through the SOAC equipment system.