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Colortran Lighting Kit


Berkey Colortran professional quality kit for video or photography, for studio or location. The Mini-Pro lights have a spot/flood adjustment knob for the light beam.


Colortran Light Kit Equipment List

  • 2x Colortran 100-091adjustable beam Mini-Pro lights with 176-092 tungsten lamps
  • 1 Colotran 194-341 Mini-broad light
  • 3x Colortran Pro-Stand 16319-B light stands
  • 2x Barndoors with built in scrim holders
  • 2x Full Scrim
  • 2x Half Scrim
  • 2x Cords (for the mini-pros)
  • Power extension cord
  • Gloves
  • Clothes pins
  • 1 Petrol rolling hard case

(Located in Kendall 30)