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ARRI Softbank Lighting Kit

Arri Softbank Kits combine hard Fresnel sources with a Chimera Softbank. The larger diffused Softbank creates a soft, less defined shadow edge (soft light) like that of a cloudy day and is excellent for interview situations. The use of softer light sources is more forgiving when lighting people, but softer diffused sources can be difficult to control. Diffused light disperses in many directions and care is required to control spill light.


  • 300w Fresnel
    • 4 Leaf Barndoor Set
    • Filter Frame
    • Full Single Scrim-5″ Green
    • Full Double Scrim-5″ Red
  • 2x 650w Fresnels and a 750w Focusing Flood
    • 3x 4 Leaf Barndoor Set
    • 2x Filter Frame
    • 3x Full Single Scrim-6-5/8″ Green
    • 3x Full Double Scrim-6-5/8″ Red
  • Chimera Video Pro Bank 24X32″ Softbox including:
    • Bag
    • Shell
    • Baffle
    • Screen
    • 4x Metal Stays
  • 4x AS-2 Light Stand-8.5′
  • Spare Lamps:
    • FKW Lamp 300W
    • 2x FRK Lamp 650 Watts
    • 750W HPL LAMP
  • Accessory Pack:
    • Gloves
    • Extesion Cord
    • Clothes Pins
  • Heavy-duty Location Case

(Located in Kendall 30)

Arri Softbank Lighting Kit Handbook